DURING -Whiskey Cacao Sunscreen SPF30 250ML

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The ritual continues with our dreamy SPF cream. Unbelievably light to the touch, it’s packed with naturally hydrating botanicals to shield and protect, while bringing your gorgeous inner glow to the surface. Apply generously whenever skin meets sun, and top up every 2 to 3 hours. (No excuses!)

During sun, During tan, During time outside, Definitely always during a daytime date.

SPF 30.

Vegan and no animal testing

Absolutely proudly New Zealand made.

Non-sticky and tan-protecting.

Enriched with sweet Almond, Macadamia and Hazelnut oils.

Sweet almond is full of vitamin E and A. Vitamin E is an extremely powerful antioxidant which keeps your skin cells healthy and protects your skin from UV radiation and damage.

Macadamia nut seed oil has vitamin E which is both an antioxidant and essential nutrient. Macadamia oil contains phytosterols which is full of anti-inflammatory properties

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