About Us

Hot Body Swimwear embraces beauty in authenticity of the female silhouette. This was the vision of Helen Rigden as early as 1990, when she founded Hot Body Swimwear. Daughter Kelly joined forces with mum in 2018 after years of Fijian island and resort living. Hot Body disobeys media-perfect marketing of swimwear and the handful of people that decide for the rest of us… bodies don’t need to change, attitude does. From our flagship store in Newmarket, every unique woman can own the beach looking confidently perfectly imperfect in her own skin.

What’s in a name

“Our name Hot Body, embodies (pun definitely intended) women of all shapes and sizes being 100% unapologetically confident within their skin, irrespective of shape, size or age”.

Without making a song and dance about it, the Hot Body Swimwear woman believes that her size is not an indicator of her worth. She is elegantly cozy in her own skin, cheeky being perfectly imperfect and all kinds of sexy in her confidence. Photoshop has chopped and pasted women into stick thin mannequins to fetch sales targets and we believe that this attitude needs to change more than bodies do. We are rather proud of our 28 year old name, Hot Body and she is here to stay, with all her layers of meaning.  

Swimwear Consultations

…because beautiful isn’t size specific.

True to our style, we prefer not to generalize our customers into categories of body shapes. We listen to our customers as well as our swimsuits because the perfect definition of body confidence is found on our shelves and hangs on our rails.

At Hot Body we offer free one on one consultations with a swimwear specialist. Kathy, our leading consultant, has been with Hot Body Swimwear for over 15 years and she’ll very soon tell you that the secret to finding the perfect piece is actually about how it makes you feel, not about the size or shape you are.

At our new premises on Nuffield Street, Newmarket, (previously located in 277 Broadway) the upgraded version of our store is about sophisticated ambience with comfortable fitting rooms. For exclusive attention and assistance to help you find that unique piece that simply adores your silhouette, simply book online or over the phone, Mondays to Saturdays between 10am to 5pm. Women leave our store, in love with their stunning swimwear pieces that love their bodies right back.