With the arrival of summer comes the season for swimwear shopping. With a huge range to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice in our store - but we know that swimwear shopping can also be stressful. Which style will suit your body type? Will you have to stand in the middle of the store, bikini-clad, asking for a size up? If you’re feeling anxious about the whole experience, here are a few of our pointers on how to make your swimwear shopping experience stress-free!



Love what you’ve got.

Our first tip is to work out what your favourite features are, and choose swimwear that’s going to embrace those - rather than drawing attention to areas you may not feel confident showing off.  If it’s your cleavage you want to show off, go for a plunging one piece or a supportive bra with a playful print. Hot Body Swimwear caters for A-F cup sizes so there’s something for everyone. If it’s your legs, try high cut swimsuits or our high cut bikini bottoms to show these off. Our Bound styles are perfect for this and come in a range of fun colours. If you’re worried about that little bit of lockdown weight you’ve put on (and haven’t we all!) - then go for our power mesh support swimsuits or ruched styles to hold everything in and give you a gorgeous silhouette that will leave you looking and feeling great.



Wear Seamless Underwear

When you try on any of our styles in store, for hygiene reasons, you’ll need to keep your underwear on underneath. We recommend wearing seamless underwear so that you can ensure the best fit and really gauge the correct sizing. Boyleg or ruffled knickers can make it really difficult to tell if a bikini bottom is the correct fit - and seamless styles will give you the most realistic impression of how a style will look without them once you’ve purchased.



Never be afraid to go up a size

Swimwear sizing is notoriously inconsistent - with different brands that generally run on the smaller side. Never be afraid to go up a size or two to make sure you’re comfortable - as there’s nothing worse than a too-small swimsuit cutting into your legs and ruining your holiday the minute you hit the pool. Forget the numbers and wear what looks and feels best. 



Keep your activities in mind

Whether you’re hitting the pool, the beach, lounging around the resort, getting adventurous and jet skiing, or just dipping into the spa - there’s going to be a swimwear style that’s better for some activities and not for others. If you’re going to be moving a lot or doing a lot of activities in your swimwear, a tiny string bikini may not be the best option for you. You’re going to want something that gives you more support and comfort to get you through the day. Tankinis are a great option as you can wear them as a top that can transition to the water later. For ocean activities, consider a long sleeve one piece or a rashie. If you’re hitting the pool, be sure to look out for chlorine-resistant styles to get the most out of your swimwear and to avoid excessive fading. 



Mix N Match Styles

Your tops and bottoms don’t have to match. In fact, a lot of women are bigger in the hips than in the bust. This means that a lot of our bikini sets may not be the best option, and it’s why we have a large range of separates available. Need added support for your bust? Opt for a plain style and then playfully printed bottoms. You can also mix n match completely different styles and colours - or try our reversible options to give you even more options for when you’re going on holiday and want to pack light.



Don’t be too critical

Standing in a small changing room with harsh down lighting can be nerve-racking for everyone. It’s so easy to pick at all the things you feel insecure about when wearing a piece of lycra - but it’s so important to tone down the little voice in your head before you come in. If you know you’re going to spend the day trying on swimwear and you’re coming alone, perhaps do your hair and makeup before you come in so you feel more confident staring at your reflection. If you feel anxious chatting to our swimwear specialists, then bring a trusted friend along who can help you with the whole experience - and tell you how great you look while you’re at it! We even have a seat available by our changing rooms so you can keep them close.


Book a swim consult

If you’re still feeling a bit self-conscious, we recommend booking one of our one-on-one swimwear consultations. This ensures that one of our swimwear specialists can really focus on your needs and guide you through the whole process. They can also help you to pick styles that will work the best for your body type, and even suggest options that you may not have considered previously. You can book a free consult here.

December 26, 2021 — Kelly Acland